8 Best YouTube Channels For Photographers Of All Levels

Photography can be a consuming passion. Unfortunately sometimes you can’t get out with your camera. If you’re stuck indoors and looking for inspiration, you can always turn to YouTube to help with your addiction! YouTube can also be a great location for getting some new tips, no matter what your skill level.

Here we’ve put together a great list to get you started.

1. B&H Photo Video

Not only does B&H represent the biggest camera store in America, they’ve got a great YouTube channel! Currently it’s got at least 1,300 videos, with more being added frequently. Some of the videos are tips and tricks, while others are longer lectures delivered by world renowned experts.

The 3 most popular videos in this channel:

  1. The 15 Features of Your DSLR That Every Photographer Should Know
  2. 1200mm Canon 5.6 L Super Telephoto Lens
  3. In Camera Artistry: Using Any Light Source


This is another online store, this time out of Hong Kong. Many people consider its YouTube channel to be a perfect mix of entertainment and information. While it doesn’t have quite as many videos as B&H, 600 videos with millions of views is nothing to sneeze at! Digital Rev TV should be your go to if you’re interested in getting started in photography.

The 3 most popular videos in this channel:

  1. 7 Smartphone Photography Tips & Tricks
  2. 7 Simple Photography Hacks
  3. 9 Photo Composition Tips (feat. Steve McCurry)

3. DigitalRev TV

This YouTube channel stems from a magazine and also an online store. Even though it’s new (only 30 videos), many of its videos have enjoyed viral success, and they have garnered over 30 million views. Most of the videos fall into the category of tips and tricks, which can be helpful for newbies and veterans alike.

The 3 most popular videos in this channel:

  1. Nikon D3S vs. Canon EOS 1D Mark IV – Which one’s better?
  2. How to do Levitation Photography
  3. 5 Reasons Why You Need a 50mm lens

4. Mike Browne

Unlike the other channels, this channel is mostly camera reviews. This is great both for their business (selling cameras) but also the person who is looking to upgrade their equipment, as they do many tests in the real world. If you’re interested in an upgrade or buying your first camera, The Camera Store TV should be added to your watch list.

The 3 most popular videos in this channel:

  1. Photography Tutorial – How to photograph a fast car in motion
  2. Photography Tip – Don’t zoom – MOVE! Focal Length
  3. Canon EOS 60D Review

5. PHlearn

This should be everyone’s first stop when trying to learn Photoshop. Phlearn has enjoyed great success while providing millions of views worth of educational content. Their videos are typically short, ranging from 5 to 20 minutes, and focus on a single technique, allowing you to search for exactly what you want. Photoshop is a necessary tool for modern photographers, and Phlearn has got you covered.

The 3 most popular videos in this channel:

  1. How to Create Facial Hair in Photoshop
  2. How to Remove Anything from a Photo in Photoshop
  3. How to Remove Acne in Photoshop

6. The Art Of Photography

This channel is the work of a single photographer who is well known for travel, landscape and outdoor photography. His videos are often vlogs of his travels. You can bet that you’ll be travelling to some of the most wonderful vistas on Earth while watching this channel. Hopefully this channel will provide you the inspiration to get out there and photograph!

The 3 most popular videos in this channel:

  1. Nikon D7100 Review
  2. Sony A5100 :: The Best Deal In Photography?
  3. Medium Format Photography

7. The Camera Store TV

This one is another from a single photographer, representing the work of Ted Forbes. He promises to help you through every aspect of learning photography. Forbes draws on his experience to teach, and backs it up by having interviews with other experts. If you’re getting started, Ted Forbes can teach you the basics all the way to advanced techniques.

The 3 most popular videos in this channel:

  1. Battle At F-Stop Ridge
  2. Fuji HS20 Vs. DSLR Shootout
  3. Canon 5D MK III vs Nikon D800 with Nathan Elson

8. Thomas Heaton

Mixing education and photography, Mike Browne focuses on tips, techniques and tutorials. He regularly updates his channel every Friday, and he works hard to present complicated material in a way that is conducive to learning. Despite updating regularly, Mike Browne consistently keeps his information timely and new. This is a fantastic channel for sharpening your photography skills.

The 3 most popular videos in this channel:

  1. Solo Wild Camping & Landscape Photography on Location – Lake District Cloud Inversion
  2. Landscape Photography On Location: Iceland. Snaefellsnes, Mývatn, Jökulsárlón. Midnight Sun.
  3. Landscape Photography on Location: Full shoot; Planning, Processing & Print. Sunrise, Derwent Water.

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