BBQers Turn To YouTube Cooking Channels To Sharpen Their Skills

YouTube is the perfect platform to try many new things for free, so what are you waiting for? Make cooking your new favorite pastime.

Cook food that you are actually happy to eat. Go healthy with recipes that are more balanced. There are many cooking channels available for free viewing on YouTube, where you can learn to make both super easy dishes and complicated main courses as well.

Grab your apron, put on your cooking hat, and get ready to cook up a storm!


1 Food Wishes

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This channel features Chef John– a former teacher who will teach you the basics, from heating leftover pizza to a just right temperature, to making a perfectly made prime rib. Chef John has over 200,000 subscribers and over 700 videos. You are guaranteed to find an idea for a dish that you can make with a just right level of instruction.

2 Hilah Cooking

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Hilah Johnson has operated ‘Hilah Cooking’ since January 2010 on YouTube, where she has uploaded over 150 cooking how-tos which show both her comedic side as well as her great culinary talent. Her videos target individuals who are relatively new to cooking. Each of her videos is about 5 minutes long and is very easy to follow.

3 The Sweetest Vegan

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This Youtube cooking star created her channel in 2009, when in the hopes of losing weight, she decided to opt for a vegan lifestyle for a month. The challenge was hugely successful, and so she became a vegan for good. She quickly realised that veganism is a challenge in many ways, especially in finding desserts that are free of any animal products. From here, her channel was born.

4 BBQ Pit Boys

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This channel is paradise for all meat lovers. The Pit Boys offer various videos that demonstrate the basic techniques of grilling, creating the perfect step by step guide to cooking in the style. They offer instruction on everything from the right size of meat pieces and what tools work the best for every single meat type. Their videos are quite long, but they have over 67000 subscribers.

5 Laura In The Kitchen

The perfect hangout location for lovers of Italian food, Laura Vitale’s videos feature everything from Italian entrees to scrumptious desserts to appetizers and drink recipes. She is very open to her audience and often takes viewer video requests. She also has her own app which features her recipes and videos for those who daily commute or lead very mobile lifestyles.

6 Show Me The Curry

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This channel is operated by two stay at home mothers who live in Dallas– Hetal Jannu and Anuja Balasubramanian. Their channel features video recipes that are more based on cooking experience than on any formal training. The two chefs also have a website on which they post highly detailed lists of ingredients and time estimates for each of their recipes.

7 Cooking for Dads

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This channel was created by Rob Barrett. The idea for the channel came from being able to create visual recipes for people who might be challenged by written recipes. Rob Barrett likes to include his trips to the grocery store to better show which ingredients he will use in his videos. His videos don’t require too much cooking effort on your part, and are quite short.

8 Great Depression Cooking

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This channel is operated by Clara, a 96 year old chef. Her channel features recipes from the Great Depression period. Her videos usually show how to make the items and dishes she ate when she was a young child during the actual Great Depression. Her videos have a personal touch, because she shares her life stories while she is cooking.

9 SoGood.TV

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Heather Johnston’s channel was established sometime in 2006. She was a formal recipe tester who turned to YouTube to showcase her cooking videos. Besides cooking in her kitchen, she travels to many different places and posts videos that cover food politics, food sustainability, and the important place cooking at home has in many cultures around the globe.

Source: Mashable