5 Space-Saving Interior Modifications For The T@B Trailer

According to this article, there are several ways to make your RVs more comfortable places to live in both in terms of functionality and space.

One of the upgrades is installing a propane heater rack. The rack was a way for the owner to warm up her RV when she traveled to cooler places. Another upgrade is a dining table built into bed cushions for extra comfort. The roll out pantry is a great way to store snacks and takes up less space. The counter and sink cover hack is also great for covering up the stove while travelling. There is also more space created for other storage. Space is a big deal when it comes to living in an RV because it is such a limited resource.

By adding some of these upgrades to your own RV, experience more efficient living in a matter of days, and you won’t regret any of your upgrade decisions.

Propane Heater Hack


Dining Table Hack



Roll Out Pantry Hack



Counter/Sink Cover Hack



Bed Slat Hack



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