The Most Searched Travel Destinations Of The Year

Every year google releases their ‘Year in Search‘ and not surprising, travel was one of the most popular searches made. Other ‘most searched for’ through the years were people and things. It seems that travel is the number one reason for most people to press the ‘search’ button. Not surprising really, as there is a … Read more

This Is What Different Light Modifiers Do For Studio Portraits

When you start taking studio portraits, you may not be sure which light modifier to use to get the results you are after. There is such a wide variety of light modifiers to choose from, such as the softbox, all the different types of umbrellas, the beauty bowl, the flash ring, the stripbox and the … Read more

15 Amazing Uses Of Epsom Salts For Your Home And Garden

Epsom is made up of Magnesium and Sulphate. This combination has been known to improve health in many ways, some of which have been found to be quite significant. A magnesium deficiency can cause heart problems, along with high blood pressure, and various other health issues. This is because magnesium regulates over 300 other enzymes in … Read more

8 Best YouTube Channels For Photographers Of All Levels

Photography can be a consuming passion. Unfortunately sometimes you can’t get out with your camera. If you’re stuck indoors and looking for inspiration, you can always turn to YouTube to help with your addiction! YouTube can also be a great location for getting some new tips, no matter what your skill level. Here we’ve put … Read more

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