My ‘Buy Nothing For 1 Whole Year’: How One Woman Saved $27,000

Personal financial journalist, Michelle McGagh realised that she was giving out advice for the past 10 years, without being able to live up to her own words. She had great difficulty managing her own budget. It was then that Michelle took her life into her own hands and decided to become boss of her finances … Read more

35 Things Worth Having In Your RV, As Told By Seasoned RV Owners

Anyone who owns an RV and enjoys RVing during their vacations can’t miss this extremely helpful list of RV must-have. This great list of more than 35 RV must-haves is made up of submissions from thousands of seasoned RV owners from all over the world, so there’s a lot you can learn from it. Whatever … Read more

Take a Look at the World’s Biggest Aqua Fence Ever

I am sure you must have heard of skyscrapers, the largest garden, and the tiniest chip, but have you heard of a place with an aquarium as a boundary instead of a fence? Check this and see the mind-blowing creativity for yourself. A successful business and topographical engineer Mehmet Ali Gökçeoğlu from Turkey, replaced the fence … Read more

20 Clever Gardening Hacks That’ll Change The Way You Garden Forever

Every gardener looks for ways to simplify the list of daily tasks around the garden along with ideas on how to keep plants watered and bugs at bay. In this article we showcase 20 ideas to check out. With a collection of beautiful photographs along with descriptions of the problem and also the solution we are … Read more

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