10 Most Outrageous Parenting Ideas By Celebrity Mothers

Celebrity moms are often highlighted for their opinions on motherhood and parenting and here we cover some of the more unusual and unexpected habits from these mothers. Some of them are definitely odd behaviour patterns and others are even more controversial but the celebrity mom and her baby is certainly a subject of many a … Read more

Effortless Food Production With Hay Bale Gardening

Using hay bales as a simple and ‘no work’ gardening method is a relatively new idea. Here we have an article which, along with a video, gives us an idea into this method of food production. It seems that hay bale gardening requires little or no work and a minimum amount of maintenance. After planting directly … Read more

How Knitting & Crochet Are Causing Health Problems (And How To Fix Them)

As well as being enjoyable, knitting and crocheting can improve our mental and physical health. Kathryn Vercillo writes about these health benefits in her book Crochet Saved My Life: The Mental and Physical Benefits of Crochet. Vercillo states that crafting and crochet have helped people cope with many conditions, such as PTSD , chronic pain, … Read more

The Main Reason Epsom Salt Is The New Gardening Fad

Epsom salt, which is actually magnesium sulfate, is a pure and time-tested mineral compound with a number of uses. It’s been gaining legions of fans over centuries due to its properties that make it a natural alternative to pricier over-the-counter recipes and remedies used in health, beauty and crafts. But what many people don’t know … Read more

Couple Issue An Online “Apology To The Vegan Community”

As many vegans know, some non-vegans are often quite insulting to those living a vegan lifestyle. One Reddit user, bigbadbillyd, posted a kind apology to vegans on Reddit.   Sadly, many vegans have felt the sting from the many nasty comments they receive, especially on the internet. One non-vegan man, bigbadbillyd, found himself on the … Read more

10 Most Expensive RVs in the World

Anyone who loves travelling will had had a good look at a motor home. Just the luxury of having your own bathroom, bedroom and kitchen makes these vehicles very desirable. In this article, we see a collection of the most expensive motorhomes that money can buy. Recently motorhomes have taken on a new style. Gone are … Read more

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