Why Didn’t People Smile In Old Photos?

Have you ever wondered why people didn’t smile in old photographs? Many people have and a few have even investigated it. Many believe that people didn’t smile for photographs because of technical issues relating to photography or that people didn’t often have occasion to smile for photographs because they were usually taken at serious events. … Read more

5 Maps That Are Excellent Resources For Genealogy Research

For experienced genealogists, a map is more than just a piece of folded paper used when going around an unfamiliar area. Maps can also be used to locate ancestors and learn more about them. There are a variety of maps available out there, but family historians need only five types of maps to help them … Read more

What If Other Professions Were Treated Like Photographers…

Self-proclaimed professionals but naïve photographers really get on the nerves of professional photographers. This article speaks to all professional photographers, who constantly have to suffer because of amateurs. All fields have a wide variety of professionals, who differ by their skills and level of expertise. Based on that, they also charge differently, and people usually … Read more

5 Extreme Reactions When You Tell People You’re A Knitter

Some people have extremely strange reactions to hearing that you are a knitter. What is weird is that most people have grown up knowing at least one person who has actually wielded those sharp knitting needles, whether it was their granny or their mum or aunty Liz. So this is not a new fad that … Read more

10 Records That Every Genealogist Should Have

Genealogy requires a great deal of detective work. As you dig further back through the generations, the documentation may become harder to find. Every document you can obtain is a valuable source of information. As a general rule, you should have 10 records for each ancestor on your pedigree chart, and 10 records for the … Read more

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