Fire Engulfs Motorhome Caused By Improper Use of Auxiliary Electric Heater

No one likes the thought that their home could catch fire, and especially when you are inside it! This is exactly what happened to a gentleman in his motorhome.

Fire crews were called to the scene and arrived within minutes but the motor home was completely burnt out. Fires spread extremely fast in motor homes, and it seems that this one was caused by a space heater.

The gentleman who was inside his motor home was very fortunate to get out without any burns, but the fire cause some minor damage to the home next to it.

Assistant Fire Chief Mike Hohman says that’s because fires spread very fast in motorhomes:

“It appears that it was probably electrical in nature,” he said. “There was an auxiliary electrical heater that was being used inside the motor home. This time of year that’s pretty common, people start augmenting their existing heat with things that aren’t quite as safe as they should be.”

It seems that it was more than likely an electrical problem because the extra heater was being used inside the motor home.

If you plan to use a space heater , or any other extra heater, then it is important that you check that the amperage is correct and that any extension leads are able to handle it.

Source: KLEW tv