“Once In Human History” Baby Born During The Solar Eclipse

A baby born during a solar eclipse is pretty rare, but one family has a far rarer story to tell and it’s capturing attention all over the world. Dawn Gettler is the proud mother of her new baby Clair who was born in hospital as the eclipse was happening – that’s pretty rare in itself. But hospital staff stood in disbelief when Dawn informed that she too was born during a solar eclipse back in 1979.

She says she and her husband didn’t plan to have their baby Monday, but baby Clair decided to arrive a few days later than planned. As far as records show this is the first occurrence of its kind, but the Gettlers want to take it one step further.

Their plan is now to have their next baby born during the next solar eclipse in 2024. That gives them 7 years to decorate the perfect double-eclipse baby bedroom. And who knows – maybe they can convince one of their children to give them a eclipse grandchild in 2039!

Parents Criticized For Eclipse Baby Name

This rare occurrence comes as another mother has drawn criticism from various sources for how she named her eclipse baby. It seems that she wants everyone to remember her baby was born during the eclipse, as she’s decided to name her 6 pound 3 ounce baby girl “Eclipse”.

Eclipse’s dad, Michael Eubanks, added: “Wow, my child is born on something that happens every so many years. It’s extremely rare.” “It kind of still feels like it’s not real,” the new mum told reporters “It all hit me at once.”

The “Cosmic Destiny” of Eclipse Babies

Others are claiming the babies born during the eclipse are fulfilling their “cosmic destiny” by arriving at a particular time in history. “The sign of the solar eclipse shows a ‘universal’ destiny,” Karen McCoy, karmic astrologer and author of Spiritual Astrology said on Inner Self. “It is the energy of the collective unconscious that needs to be actively expressed on the Earth at that given point in time for its own balance. The souls that are born into each solar eclipse have been ‘dusted’ with that energy and have promised to spread that energy on the Earth to help with the growth and evolution of the planet.”