Local Millenial Man Breaks With “Avocado On Toast Addiction”


A 24-year-old millennial man says he can’t believe he’s spent so long blowing his income on vegetables and bread.

After giving up smashed avocado for an entire year, he says he can now afford things that he never would have dreamed of.

“It’s amazing. I now own an iPhone”

“Who would have known all I had to do was stop spending money on smashed avo on toast. I used to eat that stuff a couple times a week because it was the only was I could console myself over the fact that I’m a member of the first generation in Western history that will live to see less than my parents,”

The young man’s comments follow the now controversial article by Bernard Salt which suggested that the difference between baby boomers and Gen-Y was the fact that the older generations spent their youth focusing more on long term investments, such as the property, as opposed to spending ‘$22’ on smashed avocado with crumbled feta on five-grain toasted bread.

The young millennial says he 100% agrees.

“Look, I’m well aware that compared to 1985, the wages of a typical 50-something have grown by 34%. But the wages of a typical 20-something have only grown by 7%”

“I can also acknowledge that in the exact same period, the comparative amount of income you need to earn in order to buy a house has more than doubled…”

“But who would have known that I’d be able to catch up with my dream by simply cutting back on the avocado on toast,”

He says now all he needs to do now is tie up a few loose ends when it comes to superannuation and health insurance. Much like the housing market, he feels this is something our generation needs to be aware of.

“Now all I need to do is find a decent health insurer who won’t sting me with loading because I am outside the generation of lawmakers and CEO’s who legislate for themselves,”

“I’m thinking of splitting a good health plan with a couple of friends, like our generation does with rental properties.”

“Maybe I’ll be able to have kids by the time I’m 40”.