Man Is Left Staggered By His Mother’s Insensitive Response To His Wife Being Unable To Have Kids

People can be incredibly hurtful with the things they say. This can be even more painful when the person saying those things is your mother-in-law! A loving husband is now having to deal with the injury that hurtful remarks have made.

After being married for over four years, the couple found out that they would not be able to have any children. Originally they kept this devastating news to themselves but his mother kept asking about the possibility of grandchildren.

Things came to a head at a dinner when he sensed his wife was getting very upset and told his parents the truth. Expecting a sympathetic reply, he was stunned when his mother said that marriage was about raising children, and if she could not give you children then perhaps it was time to move on! His wife broke down in tears and ran out.

This event was followed the next day by an insincere apology which has left a very sour note for the couple…

Really need help, my mom is torturing my wife because we just found out she can’t have kids

I have been married to my wife for about 4 years now and her and my mom have always gotten along well. However she has recently been badgering us both about giving her grandkids, which is probably pretty normal. However a few months ago we found out that my wife is unable to have kids which was absolutely devastating for her and she’s only recently been able to accept it and move on. However for the sake of privacy we kept this to ourselves (my wife insisted not to tell our parents) and everything has gone back to normal. A few nights ago we went out to dinner with my parents and everything was going normal, until my mom brings up the grandkids thing again. I try to change the subject as it is clearly upsetting my wife but my mom just kept going on and on about how the best part of life is having kids of your own. My mom just kept going on and on about the miracle of giving birth and how she can’t wait for my wife to experience that. It was seriously like she knew my wife couldn’t have kids and was trying to fuck with her, it was insane. I could tell my wife was on the verge of bursting into tears so I decided to inform my parents of our situation.

I was expecting my mom who has always been an incredibly sweet woman to run over and hug my wife and apologize and tell her everything was going to be ok. But instead she looked me dead in the eye and said: “Marriage is about having children and raising a family, if Claire can’t give you that than maybe you should be exploring your options.” We all just sat there in silence for a second. My wife, dad, and myself were all completely fucking stunned. I have never heard my mom say something so insensitive and cruel before. After the shock wore off a bit my wife started sobbing and got up and ran out the restaurant. I chased after her and I can honestly say this was about 100 times worse than finding out we couldn’t have kids. My wife loved my mom and she basically just spat in her face. The next day my mom called and gave an incredibly unsympathetic and forced apology to my wife (my dad made her and is 100% on my wife and I’s side on this). Since than my mom has made it her mission to torture my wife and me over it so that I will leave her. She sends us pictures of my cousins kids and my nephews and nieces to show us “How great having families are” as well as links to weird websites talking about how adoption (which we were considering) is evil and you shouldn’t raise other people’s kids because it’s unnatural or some bullshit.

I am really worried about my wife. She is depressed, and has been clinging to me since we left the restaurant because she’s scared what my mom said is true. I would never leave her, but I hate to see her like this. I also don’t know how to deal with my mom and get through to her. I really need some help so any advice you guys have would be amazing. I don’t know what the fuck I’m gonna do everything seems so messed up right now.