Mother Thanks Police For Arresting Her Daughter For Underage Drinking

When she heard that her daughter had been arrested, the reaction from this mom was not what you’d expect. She applauded the police!

Her daughter had headed to Florida with her friends for a spring break holiday. It is a well known fact that this is where parties on the beach frequently take place, and it was at one of these parties that her daughter was spotted bu police waving a can of beer around.

The girl was arrested and police contacted mom to let her know what was going on. The phone call had the opposite effect that they expected. Mom thanked the police for taking care of her ‘spoiled’ daughter. She apologised for the fact that the police had to deal with this sort of thing instead of having the time for more important crimes.

The police sheriff shared the mum’s letter on Facebook (Photo: Facebook)

Local people had nothing but praise for the mom, with one comment coming from Sandy Kaps who said that so many parents would have backed a spoiled brat instead of the police, the mom was to be admired for this.

“God Bless this mother. So many parents would rather back their spoiled babies than the Police who save their lives.”

Another comment mentioned that so often parents cannot – or will not – see that their child is at fault, and it was refreshing to find a mom who agreed with the police that her child needed to be arrested.

“This is so refreshing to read! Good for this mother! More often than not, parents never seem to believe ‘their kid’ is in the wrong.”

Source: Mirror