Scientists Are Developing Man-Made Cows’ Milk That Could Spell The End Of Dairies


Vegans often suffer from a lack of vitamin D and calcium in their diets due to their abstinence from milk and other dairy products. This article on National Geographic presents a solution developed by Perumal Gandhi and Ryan Pandya, two bioengineers studying at a university in California.

Known as Muufri (pronounced “Moo-free”), this is set to be the world’s first milk that will be entirely cow-free. It will be generated from a special kind of genetically engineered yeast that has been designed to develop milk proteins.

The objective is to produce milk that retains the health benefits of milk while at the same time maintaining the taste – something that soy milk, almond milk, and other substitutes currently fail to do. The two co-founders believe that the product will be successful since they are offering a product that offers them the same health benefits while at the same time tasting like something they are used to.

The purpose of the company is not just to produce a beverage that can be enjoyed by 75 per cent of the world’s population, who are lactose-intolerant. They also want to reduce our dependence on animals, and developing this product would be an important step in that regard
The team were surprised to find that it was remarkably simple to make milk. The main components that give it its flavour and function are six proteins and eight fats. Lactose is also present but the team say it is superfluous; their cow-free milk will also be lactose-free
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  • Brittany Flowerday

    First of all, if done right, vegans can get plenty of vitamin D (hello, sun?) and calcium in their diets. Unless of course you live in a place that doesn’t get sunlight often, there’s supplements and fortified vegan milks. Second of all, dairy-free milks are actually healthier than cow’s milk (no pus, blood, animal hormones, etc.), not to mention they do actually taste better.

  • Matjaz

    Vegans DO NOT lack of calcium (they have on average A LOT more calcium than a dairy user, google ”milk drains calcium from the bones”) and they do not have a lack of vitamin D, since this vitamin is made by the body itself when exposed to sunlight. Idiot scientists better learn some nutrition before they go ‘inventing’ stuff.

  • DoYourHomework

    1) You’re not talking about vegans, you’re talking about plant-based eaters. Veganism is not a diet. Many who choose a plant-based dietary lifestyle are not vegan.
    2) “Vegans often suffer from a lack of vitamin D and calcium in their diets due to their abstinence from milk and other dairy products” is false on numerous levels. Dairy is NOT the best source of calcium and in fact has been frequently shown to LEACH calcium from our bones and lead to greater risk of osteoporosis.
    3) “The objective is to produce milk that retains the health benefits of milk…” Plant-based milks are FAR more healthy than dairy milk.

  • Donna

    This is ridiculous! Humans do not need cows’ milk and they certainly do not need fake, Genetically Modified “milk.” And vegans who consume a good variety of fresh foods do NOT suffer from these deficiencies.
    1. Calcium in cows’ milk is not bio-available in the human body and actually is the culprit in osteoporosis.
    2. Calcium is abundant in fresh fruits, vegetables, nuts and seeds.
    3. Vitamin D is available in sunshine and mushrooms, and if you don’t like mushrooms and can’t get sunshine, it is easy to supplement.
    Drink water for best health, and lots of it for optimal health. If you need a milk, make your own nut and seed milk; you will be so glad you did…. Namaste.

  • Elenore

    “Man made cows milk” …. come on fools.. it is either ‘Man Made” or it is “Cows Milk”

  • Sick asshole butt shit

    Total bullshit article.

    Some studies have shown that cows milk increases osteoporosis risk.

    Most of us should be supplementing vitamin D.