Real-Life Forrest Gump Is Running Across America For Charity

If you’ve ever seen the movie Forrest Gump (and who hasn’t?) then you will see the similarity between the real Forrest Gump and Robert Pope, who hails from Liverpool, UK.

On Robert’s bucket list was a run, and not just any run. He wanted to run across America, following the same route that Forrest had taken. The 38 year old has already run through California, New Mexico, Texas, Tennessee, and Washington DC and then headed up the west coast to take part in the Boston Marathon.

All this running begs the question as to why Robert is doing it? Well, he says he has planned on raising money for causes that were dear to him, and he also loves running so he thought he would just combine the two. Interestingly, the causes he champions are The World Wildlife Fund, and Peace Direct, which are somewhat similar to Forrest Gump’s reason for running. World Peace, Women’s Rights, the homeless, the environment, and animals were the reason Gump gave when asked the question back in 1994, when the movie was made.

“I’ve always wanted to run across America because I’ve always been intrigued by the culture, music, movies, and people in the states,” Robert said. “I knew I wanted to raise money for charity, so I thought I might as well take it all a step further.”

Robert also wanted to disprove the theory that Forrest’s run could not be done. The favourite part of his running is getting to interact with people, as even in the middle of nowhere, people still know who Forrest Gump is. This might also have something to do with the red baseball cap and long hair that is Robert’s signature.

“I can be in the middle of nowhere and still bond with people over this movie, because everyone has seen it.”

“Being able to stop in the middle and have a lunch break sure was great,” he said.

To date Robert has run some 5,600 miles and raised an incredible amount of $11,203.99! he is heading for Maine and Chicago next, and after that will head towards the Richard V Woods Memorial Bridge where he will recreate the iconic scene from the movie.

 Perhaps someone will ask Robert the same question as they asked Forrest back then. ‘So you just ran?’ You can be sure that the answer will be the same ‘yeah’, and Robert continues his quest.

Source: Runner’s World