Scientists Spent $75 Million Creating A Veggie Burger That Bleeds Like Meat

It looks like meat, smells like meat and even tastes like meat! And that is where the similarity stops, because it’s a veggie burger! In this article you can read about this extraordinary burger which has all the attributes of real meat.

For those people who sometimes feel guilty about eating meat, this burger has been created to take away all those guilty feelings. It does come at a price, as it has taken scientists five years and over £60 Million to create it! The end result is a plant based product which even bleeds like a rare burger.

The ingredients list is rather regular – water, textured wheat protein, coconut oil, natural flavors’ – and something called heme. Heme is a molecule found in animals and some plants and acts to give the meat its red texture and irony taste.

The biochemist responsible for Impossible Foods, Patrick Brown, says:

“The customers that we care most about are people who love meat.”

“That’s obviously what our mission is all about, is making a plant-based product that meat lovers will love and you can’t do better than having David Chang prepare it.”


We reinvented the burger from the ground up. We are making a few changes around these parts. Tomorrow we launch our new look.

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The burger is the invention of Momofuku chef David Chang who created it and wanted it to make it interesting and delicious.

Chang appear equally enthusiastic, he told the website:

“As a chef, I want to make stuff that is interesting and delicious and those are the products that we want to work with.”

“So when I tasted [the Impossible Burger], I only want to support stuff that I think is ultimately extraordinarily delicious. And that’s what sort of blew me away.”

It’s going to be one delicious summer.

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One meaty masterpiece 🌱🍔

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Reviews of the burger are mixed, with some people saying that it tastes no different from any real meat burger. If you want one, you will need to head to New York as there is no suggestion of it appearing on any menus in Britain any time soon.

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