‘Senseless’ Thief Stole 2 Expensive Koi Carp From Aquatic Shop – By Stuffing Them In His Pockets

Stealing fish is not the best way to stock your fish tank! It also happens to be a criminal offence, so you would think that the thief who stole two koi carp from Aquatic Supplies Wales, in Swansea would have been aware of this.

CCTV captured images of the man hovering around the tanks where the most expensive fish were kept. He plunged his hands into the water and grabbed one of the fish. Unfortunately he dropped the fish, but then he tried to capture two more!

Eventually he managed to catch two fish and stuffed them into his pockets before making off. When staff watched the footage, they were horrified to think that the fish may have died.

Miss Grogan from Aquatic Supplies Wales decided to post the footage in an attempt to capture the man. The post was viewed 30,000 times!

“It was really sickening to watch, ‘I’ve never seen anything like it,” said Dani Grogan, who works at the shop.

“We were thinking maybe he’d have a bucket of water out in his car – but he didn’t intend on stealing the fish to keep, he just put it in his pocket to kill it.”

“It doesn’t make any sense whatsoever, it’s just a horrible thing to have seen.”

The thief was filmed putting fish in each of his pockets before walking out of the aquatics store in Swansea

The shop owner Thomas Dodd says that it is horrible to think of anyone doing this to an animal. They love running the pet shop, and feel very hurt when people do things like this. Added to that, it meant that the shop would now be out of pocket for the fish. While they loved working in the shop, there were still bills to pay, and losing fish caused extra expense to them.

“We had to do something and all our customers wanted to help,” Thomas said.

“We love running this shop and work hard to pay the bills. It is terrible when someone abuses it like this.”

Staff at the shop did not realise the fish had been stolen until they reviewed CCTV footage of the crime
Staff at the shop did not realise the fish had been stolen until they reviewed CCTV footage of the crime
Dani Grogan, pictured with the shop's owner, Thomas Dodd, said the crime was 'sickening and senseless'
Dani Grogan, pictured with the shop’s owner, Thomas Dodd, said the crime was ‘sickening and senseless’

The incident was reported to the South Wales Police and anyone who has seen a man like the one in the shop, or knows anything about him and the fish, is asked to contact the police right away.

Source: Daily Mail