Take a Look at the World’s Biggest Aqua Fence Ever

I am sure you must have heard of skyscrapers, the largest garden, and the tiniest chip, but have you heard of a place with an aquarium as a boundary instead of a fence? Check this and see the mind-blowing creativity for yourself.

The article is about a successful business and topographical engineer Mehmet Ali Gökçeoğlu from Turkey, who replaced the fence of his house in Çeşme with a 50-meter long aquarium with marine life. I know it’s hard to believe, but you can check the article for the photos and videos as proof. The aquarium is absolutely incredible with a delicate infrastructure and genius built-in design for the water supply.

The strange and unique idea was conceived by Mehmet eight years ago, and he has spent $21,000 for its successful implementation. The aquarium contains different kinds of marine animals including sea bream, octopuses, mullets, eels and sea bass.








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