This Woman Used Photoshop To Trick Husband Into Thinking She Adopted A Coyote

Photoshop is an amazing tool, especially if you’re looking to pull a prank on someone. One young woman used it to pull an epic prank on her poor husband. Kayla Eby, from Oregon, USA, managed to convince her husband, Justin, that she believed a photograph of a wild coyote was a photograph of a pet dog.

She sent him the picture of the wild coyote, and a text telling him that she found the lost “dog” on the side of the road. Then she texted him to say that she’d rescued the dog and taken it home with her. Eventually she sent Justin a picture of their son sitting next to the coyote on their couch. Kayla had photoshopped the coyote into the picture, but Justin freaked out, thinking his wife had adopted a wild animal!

This is how the conversation between the two went:


Justin wasn’t exactly happy since his son was sitting right next to the ‘dog’:


Kayla tries to convince her husband that she wanted to keep it as a pet: 


She also said that she had wanted to get a dog for Christmas:


But then Justin just continued to freak out:


Justin freaked out even more when Kayla sent another Photoshoped photo:






11.jpgFinally, she let Justin on the prank:


Source: Mirror