Victoria’s Secret? The 4-Month Hell Of Being Turned Into An Angel

Do you know what it takes to become a Victoria’s Secret Angel?

Probably not, but you can find out all about the hellish experience in this article by Poppy Cross on the Mail Online. Imagine being forced to lift more than your own weight, not being allowed to drink any liquids for 12 hours and then having to pay a whopping $19,763 to do it!

The long list of costs include:

  • Personal trainer and nutritionist – $13,119
  • Supplements – $3,121
  • Full body massages with Sarah Dewey (based on one weekly massage) – $1,797
  • Spray tan – $50
  • Make-up artist – $312
  • Facial with Sarah Chapman – $181
  • Hair by VS Angel favourite Paul Edmonds – $1,092
  • Manicure and pedicure at Paul Edmonds – $100

Victoria’s Secret Angels have gorgeous figures, and as underwear models, their careers depend on their gorgeous figures. But they go through utter hell to keep themselves looking that fantastic. They are required to have a body fat percentage of below 18, which is similar to that of a professional athlete.

This clearly takes a lot of work, including strenuous weight training and intense cardio workouts. In addition to this extremely taxing workout regimen, Angels also have to stick to a very low carbohydrate diet, made up of 1,300 calories.


Victoria’s Secret requires all its Angels to be 5ft 9in tall and have 24in waists, so they are genetically blessed. But that’s just the start of it.

Victoria’s Secret creative director Sophia Neophitou-Apostolou said:

“It’s like being an Olympian – they have to be in peak condition.”

One of her Victoria’s Angels, Alessandra Ambrosio, shared:

“You work out as an athlete. All your mind, all your everything goes into it.”

So are they simply selling a dream? Or can a mere mortal achieve a body worthy of VS scanties? To find out if it is even possible, Poppy Cross, a 29-year-old fitness blogger, has agreed to follow the exact same diet and exercise plan that the Angels undergo.

She is to be advised by personal trainer Dan Roberts and New York nutritionist Dr Charles Passler, both of whom work with the models.

You’ll have to judge for yourself from her picture as to whether she really managed it. As a 29-year-old fitness blogger, she’s no slouch. But nothing could have prepared her for the mental and physical challenge she had in store…

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